the strategy

the mentorship

The Station is a support system for aspiring leaders. Through mentorship, our strategy brings strength, wisdom, and essential resources to non-profit organizations, small businesses, ministries and individuals. Young men and women will be activated with healthy equipping tools to use as they venture into leadership roles.

the stations

Venture philanthropy takes the principles of traditional venture capital (VC) financing and applies them to philanthropic (ministry, non-profit) endeavors; this is another facet of The Station. We ‘adopt’ organizations and provide key consulting and financial resources, to fill in the gaps, so clients can achieve their personal and organizational missions. Sustainability is a vital key for every non-profit organization. Young leaders will be equipped with strategic business and ministry tools, emotional support, and funding. The Station’s team of financial, marketing, strategic, and spiritual consultants will come alongside each client, to develop a customized action plan.  

the summit

The first chapter of our organization was centered around the idea that wonderful things happen in our hearts when we retreat into nature. For a decade we watched young people experience camp and encounter God! Thousands were 'Forever Changed, Never the Same' when they met Jesus and His mighty love for them at The Station. We are not done yet! There is great value in a camp experience!

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