the mentorship

Mentorship is at the heart of The Station (it’s what we do best!). Rachel and Peter Bowman have been mentoring youth and young adults for over twenty years. Their hearts long to see young leaders run the race of life healthfully, with sustainability. Many young adults have huge dreams in their hearts, but they are not ready to implement these visions. Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health are critical for a healthy life, and these are also key components for dreams to become a reality. The world needs healthy leaders, and this health is cultivated with support and wisdom.                         

Located in Santa Barbara, The Station Mentorship is a place where individuals can encounter healing. Difficult circumstances and trauma often rob childhoods, causing 'cracks' in life foundations, but God is ready to heal, restore and redeem our lives. Jesus wants our life foundations to be unshakeable.

The Station Mentorship is available for select clients, over the age of 18, to receive intentional mentorship, with a customized program. Clients will receive one on one mentorship with Rachel and Peter Bowman. A variety of resources, along with support necessary to achieve each client's goals, will be utilized. We are excited to partner with Jesus, to raise the foundations in the lives of young adults.  

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