the summit

The first chapter of our organization was centered around the idea that wonderful things happen in our hearts when we retreat into nature. For a decade we watched young people experience camp and encounter God. Thousands were 'Forever Changed, Never the Same', when they met Jesus and His mighty love for them at The Station. There is great value in a camp experience!

We are believing for $10,000,000 to purchase The Summit Retreat Center in June Lake, CA.

This retreat center will serve as a place of refreshment for ministry leaders, missionaries, and nonprofit employees. It will be a space to meet and gather, where organizations can host retreats, team building weeks and conferences. Our ‘adopted’ non-profit organizations, who serve youth, will also have the opportunity to bring these young people to The Station for a camp experience. Individuals and ministry teams will encounter healing and skill development in the great outdoors.

Camp and the wilderness provide time for individuals to gain new focus, clarity, restored souls, and fresh thought processes, where they can reignite the passion within their hearts. On top of it, camp is fun!! Everyone must be reminded how to 'be a kid'! Partnered with mentorship, a retreat can be a mighty force that jumpstarts creativity, brings hope for a person’s future, and cultivates a reset for individuals; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Dream with us! Join us in believing and praying for the financial resources to purchase The Summit Retreat Center.

This will happen with your support!

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