the heart

Great vision starts with a dream and moves with a launch. The Station is a launching pad for nonprofit organizations, ministries, and small business ideas.

Why do many young people need a ‘launching pad’?  

Most people want to live a life with great purpose, but they don’t know how, or they lack resources and support. Many young people have a vision of helping people groups across the globe burning in their hearts. A desire to start non-profit organizations or create small businesses, are often talked about by young adults. But getting from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, to make these visions a reality, can seem impossible. “Burnout” is also a common word we hear; people pouring into the lives of others while they deplete themselves.  We believe that this world needs resilient leaders, who will persevere through difficult circumstances. Healthy leaders build unified teams that create thriving organizations. 

Through mentorship, our strategy brings wisdom, strength and essential resources to non-profit organizations, small businesses, ministries and individuals. Young men and women will be activated with critical tools, to use as they venture into leadership roles.  

The Station guides the young generation to solutions, so that their dreams will be released on this earth!

the strategy

The Station is a support system for aspiring leaders. Our strategy includes mentorship and resources with a focus on leading the next generation into:

mentor home

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retreat center

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the story

July 1983
God plants a seed in Rachel's heart, a dream to start a youth camp, when she was given a scholarship to a summer camp at the age of 13

November 2007
The Bowman's move to Mammoth leaving their house for sale in Southern California

April 2008
The Bowman's house finally sells and the lease is signed for the camp location at Sierra Meadows Ranch

The camp is born! Construction on the property begins

April + August 2009
First winter & summer camp hosted

September 2009
Camp name changed from 'Mammoth Base Camp' to 'The Station'

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phone number
(760)  965 - 4272
mailing address
P.O. Box 9133, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546