the story

The Station is a dream created from the heart of God, a seed that was dropped into the heart of a thirteen year old girl, whose life was unstable. Camp had become a refuge for Rachel Bowman, a safe place through her teenage and college years. She encountered God’s peaceful love and glimpses of hope for her future, at a youth camp in the High Sierra Mountains of California. Rachel could ‘be a kid’ at this super fun camp; the weight of her life circumstances seemed to disappear as she ventured into the wilderness every summer and winter for a week filled with camp joy! It was in this sweet place of refuge, where God began to cultivate a dream within Rachel’s heart, to start her own camp someday. It took over 25 years for this dream to be 'released' and become a reality!  

At first, this dream camp seemed impossible. Rachel and her husband, Peter, watched Jesus provide miracles, as they took steps of faith to start their little camp. When Rachel and Peter Bowman founded The Station in 2008 in Mammoth Lakes, CA, they connected to the heart of God for a young generation. Their vision statement, ‘Forever Changed, Never the Same’, became the core mission of their camp, for every camper and for all staff members. Recognizing that circumstances, traumas, and disappointments can create cracks in life foundations, both of our founders knew that only Jesus could change lives forever.

Peter and Rachel had already experienced this healing and redemption, when Jesus brought freedom and wholeness to each of their lives when they were young adults. Then, years later, God made a way for the dream in their hearts to become a reality, when they opened the doors of The Station Camp.  

For a decade, Rachel and Peter collaborated with Jesus to bring health and wholeness to the foundations in the lives of youth and young adults. They came alongside hundreds of young people; hearing their stories, walking a process of healing with many, instilling life skills, and pouring wisdom into each person. Many were launched into healthier seasons of life, where they could go after the dreams that God planted in their hearts!

the timeline

July 1983
God plants a seed in Rachel's heart, a dream to start a youth camp, when she was given a scholarship to a summer camp at the age of 13

November 2007
The Bowman's move to Mammoth leaving their house for sale in Southern California

April 2008
The Bowman's house finally sells and the lease is signed for the camp location at Sierra Meadows Ranch

The camp is born! Construction on the property begins

February 2009
The camp launches and the first winter camp is hosted  

April 2009
First inner-city group hosted

August 2009
First summer camp hosted

September 2009
Camp name changed from 'Mammoth Base Camp' to 'The Station'

October 2009
Approval from the Forest Service to place cabins on The Station property

January 2010
The camp building phase is complete and 10 winter camps were hosted

2010 - 2014
The Station collaborates with other non-profits, inner city organizations, youth groups, churches, running teams, universities and more, to hosts thousands of campers from all over the globe!

November 2014
The Bowman's get notice from the Forest Service that the camp property will be sold

June 2015
The Station has the largest summer camp season in it's history

July 2015
Escrow closes for new owner of the camp property

April 201810 year celebration, over 4,000 young people experienced camp at The Station.

The Station moves off of the camp property, and closes it's doors :(

The Station Camp closed in 2018, when the camp property was sold by the Forest Service. But, God made it clear, that the mission to help young people be ‘Forever Changed, Never the Same,’ stays at the core of our non-profit. The Bowman’s will continue to ‘'Raise Foundations', so that God can '‘Release Dreams'’ through the next generation.  

A new chapter has begun! The Station 2.0 will take on a new look with new locations!  Our reach will increase, as we open three ‘Stations’ in the near future:

the mentorship

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the stations

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the summit

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